“I have a Powder Puff Chinese Crested male dog named Zeplin. He has displaced knee caps that sometimes pop in and out as he walks, which can be painful. He has been brought up on people food which as you know is not always the healthiest choice for a small dog. The vets wanted him to go on dog food to control his weight, but to him that was a no no! I tried everything to get him to eat dog food. Then, I discovered elk antler! I put about 1/4 teaspoon on his dog food and voila—he ate it! I have noticed that not only is his weight better controlled because his diet is better, but he is also not having any more problems with his knees. Thanks Elk Country!”

Petrine Kelln
Lloydminster, Alberta

“We have run out of the elk antler velvet medicine. It clearly seemed to make a difference with Angus (our dog) and we would like to get some more. Now that he has been off it for about 10 days, one really notices how stiff he has become again. He can no longer jump up on the sofa. He’s back to where he was before he was taking velvet. Using velvet, he was able to get up on a footstool we have and the sofa. I really believe that it works well. Angus is much more lively when he’s on velvet and he eats better when the powder is sprinkled on his food. Our vet suggested that we should use cod liver oil, but I think this stuff works better and he likes to eat it.”

Frank and Jean Proto
Regina, Saskatchewan

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