EVA For Pets

Our pets are our companions and they are a very important part of our families. Our pets depend on us for their nutrition and our love. In return, they provide us with their passion for all that life has to offer and their unconditional love. We are blessed with companions ourselves at Elk Country Farms, and that’s how we know that your pets are a very integral part of your family too, and that it is important to you that they have a long and healthy life.

Reported benefits for EVA (elk velvet antler) are:

  • relief from arthritic symptoms
  • relief from hip dysplasia
  • improved hair coat
  • increased vitality
  • improved kidney function
  • improved thyroid function
  • accelerated wound healing and tissue repair
  • bolster the immune system
  • reduced affects of aging
  • support gastrointestinal function that allows for better digestion and absorption of foods and nutrients
  • may reduce the damaging affects of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that are often prescribed for pain relief

Even though EVA has been used for medicinal purposes in the Asian and European communities for over 2000 years, more recent history reports that people all across North America are discovering just how important EVA can be to the health and longevity of their pets. Pets of all ages benefit from the complex mix of ingredients in EVA. In particular, pets that are suffering from inflammatory or arthritic type pain and decreased energy and stamina can abundantly benefit from EVA.

EVA works better than other single ingredient natural or manufactured products because the combination of nutrients available in EVA such as calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 that provide a synergistic effect. The result of combining the efforts of many nutrients shows a much greater gain than the effort of a single nutrient.

With no known side effects, EVA is one of the safest, quality alternative supplements available to you and your pet.


100% pure Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) powder that is packaged exclusively for pets. Each container includes a 250mg measuring scoop. Dogs love the taste of the powder—we recommend just sprinkling it directly on their food. Order now…

Pure EVA Capsules

Some pets may prefer EVA in capsule form. You’ll notice it is packaged still with our old label. We have a special on this product just so we can clear out our inventory and concentrate on our new label products. Order now…

Velvet Chips

Your dog will love this treat supplement and the valuable nutrition it provides. Velvet Chips are the most natural form of EVA available. They are a thin slice of the antler in its dried form—the stage just before it would be otherwise be ground for powder for Nutri-EVA or capsules. Each 27gm package describes in detail how much to give your dog. Dogs love the taste of Velvet Chips! Order now…

Wapiti Gnaws

These are the most unique chew treat on the market today! Each Wapiti Gnaw is cut from “hard” elk antler. Hard elk antler is loaded with many of the same nutrients as earlier growth stage velvet antler but is particularly high in calcium. Wapiti Gnaws offer a tasty chew treat that also aids in dental care. And, in addition to all the great nutrients they provide, Wapiti Gnaws last up to 10 times longer than virtually any other chew treat on the market today. Order now…

Recommended Dosages

The recommended dosage of EVA is based on a formula of 15–20mgs per kilogram of body weight once or twice per day. This recommendation comes from the research performed at the University of Montreal. For example, a 40 pound dog (approximately 18kg) would need about 360mgs up to twice a day. Higher doses may be given for healing or performance enhancement purposes. No side effects were noted during this research with the use of EVA in animals at these dosages.

For long term benefits and relief, EVA should be given daily. As with most natural health supplements, the effects of administering EVA tend to be cumulative. When first starting your pet on EVA, we strongly recommend a minimum of a 45 day period to allow EVA to begin to do its work. Typically, significant benefits can be seen after eight to twelve weeks of consistent use.

We’ve had many customers using Pet EVA to treat arthritic or hip dysplasia see results in less than one week. We encourage you to consult your veterinarian on all your pets’ health needs. Although we have never experienced any adverse experiences, please contact your veterinarian immediately if the need should arise.

All Elk Country EVA products are manufactured to human grade specifications and standards. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; this provides you a risk-free way to experience what EVA can do for your pet.

Why EVA is Important For Pets

EVA is a natural, safe way to prevent joint degeneration and reduce the discomfort of arthritic or other joint pain in dogs. EVA appears to slow the progression of diseases such as hip dysplasia. Other factors that affect joint health such as lifestyle, exercise and weight are also very important to monitor. EVA can promote bone and muscle growth in puppies. Anecdotal evidence shows help for horses with musculo-skeletal conditions, hoof and hair growth and wound healing. It has also been reported to improve thyroid function.

There is strong literature support, anecdotal evidence and testimonials from so many of our customers that EVA does not produce drug-related side affects. EVA is a safe, quality alternative that you can count on.

Your pets (horses, dogs or cats) may benefit from what EVA has to offer. It has been used for the treatment of many disorders and general well being issues with wonderful results.

EVA is not a cure-all but it has been proven to definitely improve the quality of life for animals in a safe and affordable manner. At Elk Country, we believe that decisions about your pet’s nutrition should be just as important as the considerations given to you and your family’s own nutrition. Longevity and wellness for your pet deserves to be of utmost importance. EVA is a natural, annually renewable resource that every “pet parent” should consider. You can make an important difference in your pet’s life from their very early years right through to their senior years thus providing many more quality years of companionship. EVA will provide your pet with so much more than you will ever be able to provide through their regular diet!

What the Vet Has to Say About EVA

“These, and countless other case studies, have made it clear to me that velvet antler has a place on my shelf for treating a number of osteoarthritic and musculoskeletal conditions in animals. Not all animals respond, but then, an aspirin does not work on all headaches. Alternative treatments for many conditions are becoming more commonplace in both people and pets.”

Dr. Clinton Balok
New Mexico, U.S.A.

Research & References

After extensive research with dogs and EVA, the Companion Animal Research Group at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Montreal University found that consideration should be given to a powder of quality elk velvet antler in the treatment of canine osteoarthrosis.

A 90-day animal toxicology study funded by QEVA Velvet Products Corp. demonstrated that velvet antler is safe. Results showed that, at 25 times the normal dosage, no dose related toxic symptoms or lethality occurred.

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